Condo Renovations

If you are looking to renovate your condo Span-Co carries more than just the minimum insurance we carry a 5 million dollar liability, we are members of BILD / Renomark in good standing and keep current WSIB. Span-Co has a great deal of experience working with condo boards, we would be happy to help you put your thoughts into reality.

Condo Boards and requirements

Span-Co carries the required license’s, WSIB and liability that Condo Boards require for renovation.
We will read and follow the condo board rules.
Span-Co will be neat and tidy and respectful of the Condo not leaving a mess or damaging any property.
We only work within permitted hours.

Condo Reno experience

Span-Co has renovated many Condos all across Toronto from a simple bathroom or kitchen to taking 2 separate adjacent condos and turning then into one magnificent sweet. If you are considering a Condo renovation give us a call often we find we have done work in the same building or nearby that we can show you.